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First of all, thanks for sharing your control. I was looking for this kind of control, and it may save a lot of time for me. I'm going to use the TreeListView for my small application which belongs to my company's large project.
However there seems to be a rather critical bug.
1.Run TreeListView Sample
2.At the TreeListView tab, click "Polulate!"
3.Restore the window (either double click on the title bar or click on the restore button on the title bar)
4.Scroll the TreeListView down to the end
5.Big red X is displayed on the TreeListView.
When I used the control in my project and performed the same steps, the vshost.exe crashed.
Here are my system configurations
Lenovo T400 (3GB memory)
Windows 7 Ultimate English
Visual Studio 2008 installed ( I used this to compile and run the sample project)
Visual Studio 2010 RC1 is also installed
If you need more information for debugging this problem, I would love to provide more information, so please contact me at typingcat@gmail.com. Thank you.

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